Features & Design Options

  • ◊ Available in 2009 RPM but optionally available in 1750 RPM (60 Htz).

    ◊ Motors can be offered to operate at 300/415 volts (+10%-15%)-50 Htz. But Motors for low to low voltage & high voltage can also be upplied on demand.

    ◊ Dynamically balanced impellers are radial as well as mixed flw type.

    ◊ Motors & Pumps are water lubricated for lomger life.

    ◊ Noiseless, Flood proof, Vandal Proof Operation.

    ◊ Easy & economiical installation.

    ◊ Pumpa & Motors of higher capacity, Higher Head, higher HP & with special features are also manufactured by us.

    ◊ Stator tube is available in Stainless steel & also available in M.S.

    ◊ The Motors are rewid able & easily repairable.

    ◊ V4 & V6 motors upto 5 HP also available in single phase & three phase.